Environmental Policy

Environmentally friendly İNKA; does its part for a healthy world and society.

Environmental protection is ensured with the constantly developing and transparent "Environmental Management System" and it carries out the Environmental Management system as a duty towards the society beyond legal obligations.

For this reason, İNKA has adopted the following issues as a policy;

• To use our natural resources in the most efficient way and to reduce the consumption of natural resources,

• To keep all related activities under control in order to reduce environmental pollution,

• Saving energy and reducing energy consumption,

• Reducing the amount of scrap and waste and recycling them (where applicable),

• To provide continuous training to its employees in order to create environmental awareness,

• To keep all related activities under control in order not to harm biodiversity and ecosystem,

• To ensure continuous improvement by setting sustainable and achievable environmental targets,

• To comply with legal requirements 100%,

• It uses the most appropriate technologies by following the developing environmental protection systems.

We know that a clean workplace; will lead to a livable world and society.