Tightening Straps

General Information

Inka tightening straps are suitable for use in areas such as fuel tanks, vehicle batteries, etc. The tightening straps, available in a wide range of sizes, are produced with the latest technology on fully automatic and adaptable production lines for different products, adhering to high-quality standards.

Production Technology:

Bodies are manufactured using special bending techniques on medium and high-strength carbon steels with "TOX" riveting or spot welding, projection welding methods. Depending on the project or place of use, they can be designed with hooks or stud welding to facilitate easy assembly. Corrosion resistance can be enhanced with electrocoat and/or powder coating as per customer requirements.

Areas of Use:

  • In the connections of special and general fuel tanks for diesel, gasoline, hydrogen, etc.
  • In all industrial applications, for connecting horizontal or vertical pressure tanks to the main structure.
  • In the air ducts of vehicles such as buses, trucks, and construction machinery.

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